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(Yes, dear!)


In the area of real estate, we as agents have to be constantly on guard to avoid running full tilt into treacherous areas.

Currently, with the changing of and adding to the professional rules and practices governing how we conduct ourselves , the long hours we put in, tough deadlines that have to be met, clients that may become anxious and stressed due to this, plus our own concerns about messing up – the consequences both professionally and financially, can tend to be overwhelming.

A large part of what we do to deal with this is to continually upgrade our knowledge through education courses provided by the Real Estate Council of BC concerning our role and the viewpoint that our commitment deal with the “consumer first” attitude. That is who we are working for.

Real Estate deals with Law and therefore it is extremely important for both the Agent and the Client to fully understand the Contract of Purchase and Sale, because it is a Legal Contract and therefore binding and not to be taken lightly.

From that viewpoint, your Legal representative is your best friend. If there are any major concerns regarding the property that one is purchasing; one should consult a lawyer to get them clarified before moving forward.

That being said, I don’t want to make this a downer and have included a short video showing excellent legal advice that can certainly be applied to the buying and selling of real estate.

Video of the month:

Hope you enjoyed that!

Now, we are seeing the Market becoming much more balanced and still favoring the buyers somewhat. However, recent sales data seems to be pointing to a potential bottoming out and a slow recovery of the real estate market at last.

Is now the time to jump back into the real estate market?

I think so, mainly due to the fact that prices have dropped, making real estate more affordable. As well with Mortgage rates getting closer to all time lows again; it makes the payments more affordable.

So, when your significant other says it is time to buy – the correct answer according to the Legal Advice contained in the video link above would be... “Yes Dear”!!!!

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