• Gale Spick, Realtor®

"My Realtor®"

Gale helped us find our new home when we moved over from Vancouver Island to Surrey. When we did so we had a rather steep "list of requirements". Some of them were to find a townhome that was inexpensive, large, had yard space, and finally, that we could add value to with some renovations and sweat equity (we will eventually sell and move into a stand-alone home so selling at a profit will make that far easier).

Even reading that back I'd say we were dreaming... But would you believe that I (just over a year later) am currently sitting in an inexpensively bought, 3 story, 1600 - 1700 square foot condo, with a yard, pool, awesome strata, and my favorite part, after the work my wife and I have put in renovating, we can now relist at $70,000 OVER what we bought for.

Gale is honest, ethical and pleasant to deal with. I've had other realtors in the past, but she is the first that I've thought of as "my realtor®".

Justin Kissinger

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