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Updated: Mar 11, 2020

As we are settling in our new home, I just wanted to write a few lines about our experience with you as our real estate agent.

Finding a home, especially for the first time, I think is always stressful and can be lengthy if you have certain prerequisites as we had. Nevertheless, you paid attention to the details and were always available even for our silly questions. You took all of the stress of the process out of it so we could focus on what was important to us. We really appreciate your hard work - the amount of running around and paperwork you had to do was astounding to us - and ethical conduct which lead to finding a lovely home for us, one that we know we will very much enjoy for years to come. We love our own, new place and you were an integral part of finding it by providing an excellence of service rarely seen in today's world.

We find you a rare and precious gem in the real estate industry - as we experienced many others during the process of searching and purchasing - and we're very thankful for having had you as our real estate agent. We wouldn't want anyone else in the future - when we step into the "ring" of selling/buying real estate again, eventually.

Out hearts are full of excitement about our home and love for you for your dedication!Thank you very much Gale!

With Love,

Eva & Zsolt Katai

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